Editor’s Choice Budget Smartphones Highlight

With flagships becoming more expensive, more people are looking towards mid-ranged devices as their next mobile phone. Phones such as the Xiaomi A1 or the Moto G5S have stood out amongst reviewers as some of the best phones of 2017. Here is a quick breakdown on some of the best features in our Editor’s Choice list of budget mobile phones.

  1. Moto G5S – Design and Battery

The Moto G5S is not just a spec-bump of the highly acclaimed Moto G5. The G5S receives an all new metal design; a far more premium feeling when compared to the previous generation. With a chamfered edge and a hefty weight in hand, the G5S is leaps and bounds in terms of design when compared with other phones in its price range.

In addition to the new design, it seems that Lenovo further improved the efficiency of the software on the Moto G5S. With a 3,000 mAh battery, the G5S is touted to have enough power to last you a day.

If you want a phone with a premium design and an all-day battery life, the Moto G5S is definitely the phone for you.

Motorola Moto G5s


  1. Xiaomi A1 – Software Experience

The Xiaomi A1 is one of the most well-known device in the Android One initiative. Part of Google’s strategy to bring good hardware and software to the masses, the Android One program features affordable phones running the latest version of stock Android.
What used to be limited to the Pixel phones or Nexus phones is now available at an incredible price.

With the Xiaomi A1, you’ll be able to get the latest security updates and the best software experience you could get on an android phone. MIUI exclusive features such as Xiaomi Camera app and the Mi Remote also work perfectly on this phone; Giving you the best of both worlds.

With Google’s amazingly snappy software and Xiaomi’s robust engineering; the Xiaomi A1 arguably has the best software experience on any budget phone. A solid contender for anybody looking for a phone that “just works”.

Xiaomi Mi A1

  1. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – Display and Video Capture

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro features a metal unibody chassis, running on the whole new Samsung Experience. With a lot of features making it over from the Galaxy S8, the J7 Pro is one of the more feature-rich budget phones out there.

One of the biggest stand outs about the Galaxy J7 Pro, is the new AMOLED display. With a pixel density of 401 PPI, the screen is excellent with granular control levels and colour reproduction. The AMOLED display also allows Samsung to incorporate an “Always On Display”, giving users quick access to the clock, calendar, and incoming notifications while the screen is off.

Another highlight of this phone are the video capabilities that it has. Although it may not be directly comparable with a flagship, the high dynamic range and stable EIS, provides an extremely comparable experience. Video samples have proved to be relatively noise free and the colour reproduction edges the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, ahead of other competitors. A perfect phone for anyone looking for a decent video camera.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro

  1. Huawei P10 Lite – Customization and Still Photography

One of the more underrated phone of 2017, The Huawei P10 Lite runs on the latest generation Kirin processor. Although only limited to Huawei’s brand of phones, the Kirin architecture is optimised specifically for EMUI. This means from camera performance to system performance, the P10 Lite is snappy and responsive.

Coupled with the extreme customisability of EMUI, the Huawei P10 Lite features extensive customisation options. From an inbuilt theme manager to customizing the onscreen navigation buttons, the phone is perfect for anyone looking to tailor their software experience.

Another big selling highlight of Huawei phones is the outstanding photo quality. The Huawei P10 Lite is no exception to rule. Although it may not have dual cameras, the P10 Lite features an powerful camera application that even beats out certain current flagships in their offerings. With modes such as Manual Mode, Monochrome, HDR and a special “Light Painting” mode; there is no shortage of what you can do.
Coupled with the amazingly sharp Selfie Camera, the Huawei P10 Lite is an absolute must-have for shooting stills.

Huawei P10 Lite

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